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Client engagement # 3

About Client

Our client, based out of India is engaged into the manufacture & exporter of Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Building & Technology Structures, Boiler Parts, Pre-Engineered buildings & other mechanical equipment for sectors such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Defence, Railways, Chemical, Steel, Cement, Sugar and Power.


Building & Technological Structures Process Equipment Mechanical Equipment Boiler Parts
Star & Box Column Air Cooled Steam Condensers Storage tank Bed Coil
Column & Beams Condensate Storage Tank Hot Metal Ladle Bail Arm Evaporator
Built up Beams Hot Well Tank Tundish Economiser
Tie Beam & Mono rail Condensate Header/D-Header Grab Bucket Primary Super Heater
Conveyor & Cable Gallery Structure Steam Duct (Top & Bottom) Airpure Stack & Fume Exhaust Duct Secondary Super Heater
Bracing & Purlins Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Scrap Bucket Water Wall Panel
EoT Crane Girderrs Oil & Gas Cooler Coal Box Header
Hot Mill Support Structure Gland Steam Condenser Equipment Spares
Bunkers & Hopers Gland Steam Condenser
Funnel Shell & Tube Heat exchanger
Kiln Shell Water Cooler
Ducting Ambient Air Heater
Pre-Engineered Building Air Cooled Process Cooler
Plenum Chamber


State of Gujarat

Number of products marketed


Date of commencement

March 2020

Present status

Initial product introduction to the client is in progress

Sales clocked till now