Ongoing Client Engagements

Client engagement # 1

About Client

Our client, based out of India is into the manufacture of PVC Additives-Acrylic Processing Aids, Impact and Foam Modifiers for PVC Processing. These have been developed by using state of the art research application & production infrastructure. These additives are import substitutes and are used extensively for the production of PVC Films, Pipes, Profiles, Fittings and Foam Boards, WPC Panels. These products are based on the latest polymerization and spray dryer technology for precise control of molecular weight and particle size. Currently the company is making a total of 8 products spanning over 4 broad categories of products.



State of Gujarat

Number of products marketed


Date of commencement

February 2020

Present status

Initial product introduction to the client is in progress

Sales clocked till now

Yet to clock /commence the sales.

Note :- The technical data sheet of products is available on demand.

The product samples (small quantities) can be provided for testing of the product in R&D.